FDI Reporter 2024

FDI Reporter aims to be the annual high-quality printed book and digital publication about the FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) ecosystem and IPAs (Investment Promotion Agencies). This is the first edition, FDI Reporter 2024.

The FDI Reporter is projected as the special overview of the global FDI ecosystem published every year in a unique format of publishing the exclusive in-depth interviews with top global experts, directors, and managers of Investment Promotion Agencies, etc.

Based on expertise given by top experts, the FDI Reporter brings unique know-how including detailed insights into many different projects and trends, making it possible for readers to learn about FDI ecosystem from the best, but also making it possible for participants to compare to each other, to share and compare their perceptions, knowledge, philosophies, and practices.

It’s a book with the first task to educate and to inform, to give priceless insights, and to be the source of top know-how, but also to be a mechanism of the wider communication in the ecosystem.

This book is an excellent way to learn more about what it means and what it takes to have the high-quality management of an investment promotion agency today.

The launching date is May 2024.

It’s published by @/DOTCOM.